THE worlds first electric motor conversion for classic VESPA & LAMBRETTA scooters

A revolution in classic scooters

Eco friendly, quiet, clean and powerful - a rebirth of a global icon. Our classic scooter electric battery conversion gives twist and go powerful acceleration combined with economic operation and anti-theft protection.

No scooters were harmed in this conversion, no cutting, welding or grinding; the conversion perfectly fits the classic frames.

Of course, once you have one of these kits fitted to your bike, you are exempt from any Ultra Low Emissions Zone or other polution related charges that may be thrown at you as you are truely zero emission.

how it works

In conjunction with industry leading scooter engineers, we have developed cutting edge technology that allows a wide range of classic scooters to be run purely on electric power. During the build process we remove the old petrol engine, electrics and cabling, and install a DC brushless electric motor, sinusoidal motor controller and a 18650 Panasonic lithium-ion battery.

The exterior styling remains totally original whilst ease of riding, reliability, economy and environmental footprint are all brought into the 21st Century.

We offer this as a conversion to customers who already have a classic Scooter or as an engine option to customers who are looking to carry out a new restoration with us. A limited batch of DIY electric conversion kits will also be coming soon, orders are being taken now.

Compatible models

All classic scooters can be fitted with our electric motor technology. If you have a suitable scooter you would like converting, please get in touch.
The models below represent our most popular conversions.

frame type 1

Small frame

Small frame scooters such as the Vespa Primavera (seen in our photographs above) make ideal electric scooter conversions. They are light and nimble , one battery with a 1kw motor for better range is the perfect set up here.

frame type 2

Large frame

Once converted large frame Vespas have the power roughly equivalent to a modern 125cc engine. Due to the larger frame these models can hold a larger battery capacity too which can extend the range (or the speed).

frame type 3

Wide frame

Like the large frame Vespas, wide frame variants can be converted giving roughly equivalent power to a modern 125cc engine. More than enough power and range for your daily commute which will now be in total silence.

frame type 4


Lambretta Li series 1 to series 3 and GP models can be converted to battery power. These can be fitted with a large array of batteries giving converted bikes a long range.


The full electric conversion kit starts at £2,495, we can upgrade a customer's existing classic scooters for an extra £500 or add it to a restoration bike build. A DIY kit will also be available soon orders being taken now.

Ongoing savings

All Project:E electric scooter engines are exempt from road tax and emissions charges due to their zero C02 emissions, making it perfect for travelling in major cities such as London where the ULEZ means many scooterists are being forced off the road.

Project:E converted scooters can travel about 5 miles for approximately 1p. There is no more stopping at petrol stations or worrying ab out petrol prices anymore. Simply pull out the battery when you get home and plug it into any socket to recharge.

30 — 110 mile range

We offer a variety of different lithium ion battery options with our Project:E scooter conversion, each has been made specifically to suit a range of needs - from a Sunday run-around to an everyday commuter.

Battery units can be purchased to fit in various discreet places on the bike, such as under the seat (where the fuel tank currently sits. Our newly upgraded 18650 Panasonic Lithium battery packs are the best on the market (same used in Teslas) and offer the best performance and reliability money can buy.

INcredible performance

With a top speed of 55mph on the 3kw, 30mph on the 1Kw and smooth yet rapid acceleration our Project:E fitted bikes are stunning to ride. We now use 'high end' sinusoidal controllers for our scooters making the conversion even more efficient, robust and developed specifically for the environments of electric vehicle use.

a full conversion

We painstakingly designed and built this unique kit from scratch, choosing only suppliers that met the high quality and reliability we demand.  The conversion adapts the scooter throughout and includes modified electrics (like the headligh).

why buy an electric bike?

With new laws prohibiting old inefficient, polluting engines from city streets about to come into effect and spreading to other cities over the coming years, now is the perfect time to discover the benefits of electric scooters. No more worrying about driving your scooter into central London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) which comes into effect in 19th April 2019. This zone will extend to cover almost the whole of London (inside the North and South Circualr road in October 2021.  This will impact many thousands of vintage scooter riders and we hope our initiative will help keep the scooterist on the road for years to come.


As there is no petrol engine in this vintage electric scooter, there are zero emissions which will make road tax completely free, along with helping you to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Easy to ride

Unlike classic scooter engines there is no choke, 2 stroke oil or even petrol station stops with a Project:E bike. Oh, and there is also no need for any gear changing.

The speed, handling and manoeuvrability are also vastly improved with the electric upgrade. The motor is highly responsive and extremely quiet.

Simple charging

At about 6kg, the batteries are easily removed for charging at home or at work. Spare batteries can also be purchased as well as our battery cases. The design is one size fits all.Removing the battery not only makes charging easy but also makes the scooter far harder to steal as you are completely removing the power supply.

low maintenance

With no moving engine parts, there is very little to go wrong in an electric motorcycle – making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills a thing of the past.

Apart from break shoes (or pads), cables and tyres, the wear is minimal. No more oil leaks, gaskets to replace or plugs and jets to clean either.


All Project:E scooters are road legal, and are similar to a normal 50cc or a 125cc. You can just twist the throttle and on you go, without the excessive noise and smell of petrol to worry about.


Top Speed
Removable battery
Digital dial
Delivery times
Charge time 70%
Charge time 100%
Battery capacity
30 — 110 MILES
3kw model
4 months
90 mins
6 hrs
66V / 25ah

Like what you see?


All Retrospective Classic and Project:E scooters come with a full 12 month warranty, covering all parts and labour.

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