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At Retrospective Scooters we have spent many years perfecting our scooter restorations and servicing and are widely regarded as one of the best scooter restorers in the world. We have recently developed our own electric scooter conversion which can be fitted to all classic scooters.



Without a doubt our most specialised skill at Retrospective is Vespa and Lambretta restorations. When we get a bike in it is fully inspected and a comprehensive restoration program undertaken to bring it back to its former glory.

Once fully stripped down – it's taken through a detailed process including a full engine rebuild/upgrade, bodywork restoration, new wiring and electrics, gearbox, crankshaft and top end overhaul, upholstery & trim replaced, Teflon-lined cables installed, brakes, wheels and tyres renovated/replaced.

Of course, we are also happy to work to order and have performed many highly bespoke projects.

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Watch a video detailing our restoration process

servicing & repairs

When it comes to classic scooter repairs and maintenance, sometimes you need more than just a service. Our team of specialist scooter mechanics are able to quickly diagnose and – no matter how big or small the job – recommend the mechanical repair work required in order to keep these historic machines on the road.

In partnership with The London Scooter Bodyshop we also have a dedicated bodywork team who can renovate, restore, repair, replace or fabricate pretty much any metal scooter body panel which can then be custom painted to your requirements.

If your scooter has been in an accident we can also do any repair work necessary for your insurers, often at a much better price than you will find elsewhere.

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electric conversion

At Retrospective we are experts in converting classic scooters to electric power. We have developed our own kit, included specifically designed swing arm and industry leading batteries and motors. Seeing is believing, this is the future of classic scooter ownership.


Advice & aftercare

Unlike many scooter dealers and scooter restorers we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with our customers, long after (or before) they buy a bike from us. There's not much we don't know about classic scooters and are happy to answer any questions via email, phone or by a visit to our East London showroom.

We are also happy to advise customers on their own scooter restoration projects too. We find a good relationship with any scooter lover benefits, us, them and the whole scooter scene too.

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