The garage

What we have created in our 3,500 square foot garage and showroom in Walthamstow, East London, is the complete vintage scooter restoration workshop, years of hard work, dreaming and planning come to together under one roof.

Along with my long time friend and business partner, Dave Maher of The London Scooter Bodyshop, we have joined forces, sharing our premises, giving our customers this truely one stop shop for vintage scooter sales, restorations, maintenece, repairs, spare parts and bodywork plus, of course, all the on going service, help and advice we can provide to the classic scooter scene.

What started out in a garden shed in 2000 has grown beyond all expectations as the scooter scene has continued to evolve over the years.


WHere it all began

Why do I love these old Italian scooters and what lead me to this obsession?

I can only speak about my own path the led me to arrive at where I am today.

Obviously the "Mod Thing" has drawn me and a few us to this scooter scene, back in the 1980's the cults and phase's of fashion during that era were important to a teenage identity. This young Mod soon became a "scooter boy" became a "scooterist" lost the costumes and eventually listening to any genere of music you want. But what were we left with? Scooters!

I've had Vespas and Lambrettas through-out my adult life, I came to depend on the trusty Vespa PX through the 1990's as my chosen steed as a courier and on my travels around Europe, Australia, the USA and India all on a Vespa.

It certainly taught me how to look after them as it was my only form of transport and often my way of making a living.

As the new millenium began, so did my new venture, Retrospective Scooters. Already working in a scooter shop at this stage I had wanted to carry on doing the only thing I knew would drive me on with a passion, start my own scooter shop.

(Niall McCart, Founder of Retrospective Scooters)


01. – Niall in the workshop

02. – Main workshop 4 benches

03. – The team

04. – On my travels in the early 1990,s

05. – Old shop 2003

06. –Old shop 2003

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