ULEZ 8th April 2019 the facts

You may or may not be aware that London Ultra Low Emissions Zone which is the same area of central London that currently has the congestion charge zone, is to now introduce the ULEZ charge of £12.50 a day for any vehicle that does not meet the requirements of low emissions , EURO 3 on Scooters and Motorcycles, EURO 4 on petrol cars and EURO 6 on diesal.

That is almost all scooter or motorcycles made BEFORE July 2007 and after April 1979.

Classic vehicles are exempt, which is any vehicle older than 40 years and that is a rolling catagory so currently vehicles made before April 1979.

This ULEZ zone comes into effect on April 8th 2019 and will extend to the boundary of the North and South Circular perimeter roads on 25th Oct 2021.

For us scooter enthusiasts this will mean that the large majority of our beloved Vespa PX models will become unfeasible to use in London , there is no way round it other than to convert it to electric power which we have done, and that option is open to all our old Vespa's and Lambretta scooters.

Retrospective Scooters is a tradional scooter shop that has always dealt with the original geared scooters, the two stroke engine, the metal bodied Vespa and Lambretta scooters that we all admire for they're stylish looks.

What are the options ?

Classic scooters

Brand new four stroke automatic scooter

Electric scooter brand new

Electric conversion

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