COVID-19: Open for business

During these strange times we here at Retrospective Scooters are able to remain open and trading as a working garage that provides transport and support for those that need their scooters to get to work and general mobility, ideally avoiding public transport at this time.

We plan to stay open for business for as long as is possible according to government advice and guidelines. We will of course be taking additional precautions with regards to social distancing and ensuring our staff and customers are safe.

There are those customers who may need to get to work and others who have found the free time to invest in two wheels, so sales, service and repairs are carried out with a free pick-up and delivery service to accommodate anyone who is unable to venture out and about, although the shop is open for visits, strict distancing applies.

Our suppliers remain able to deliver all parts. We have have a steady supply and a large stock of scooter spares for those who may require parts, we can also arrange to courier them out to you .

Many of you may now find the spare time to look at project scooters that have been awaiting your attention, we are here for help and advise and to undertake those more challenging parts of your project scooter that you cannot or may not have the facility to do yourself including painting, engine rebuilding, fork overhaul or just simply the right kit to put it all back together.

So get in touch, we are open and hopefully, in the not too distant future, we can all get back to some sort of normality and enjoy riding our scooters in the warmer weather.

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