10 Top Features of Electric Conversions

1. Easy to use

Electric scooters are as simple as the click of a key fob and a twist of a throttle. Those who never got on with kick-starting, clutch/gears, smoke, and noise no longer must worry, these are now a thing of the past.

2. Fun to ride

Electric hub motors give instant power, delivering fast and smooth acceleration, which is a joy to ride and must be experienced to be appreciated.

3. Classic looks

The world fell in love with classic vehicles mainly for their style and looks, our conversion sits hidden under the panels, keeping that stunning exterior appeal. It's also non-intrusive and can be easily reversed. No classic Scooters were harmed in the making of these conversions!

4. Reliable

Unlike conventional petrol motors with carburettors, clutches, gears, and pistons etc. Which all rub and wear together, there is no friction with our electric conversions. The kit contains just three main components, consisting of a hub motor, controller, and battery, and with no friction you get less wear and tear on a very simple set up.

5. Resurrection

Many classic scooters consigned to the shed have been brought back onto the road and are now being used daily instead of being left broken gathering dust. Converting them to electric power has given them a new lease of life with many new owners taking on the resurrection of classic scooters because of the availability of these E conversions. This in turn has introduced new blood into the scene.  

6. Longevity

We like 'retro' things because old stuff was made to last, built from better quality materials, beautifully designed and we should not discard it. The electric conversion gives longevity to the classic scooter scene and will help continue to keep them on the road long after their 2 stroke motors have eventually been banned from our roads.

7. Recycling

Manufacturing more new scooters comes with an environmental impact. We update and convert the vehicles that people already own and love. There were 4 million Vespas and 2 million Lambrettas made. By right they should have all been scrapped long ago, instead we have pulled them back from the brink of extinction and lovingly restored them, insuring many more years back on the road as a useful form of transport.

8. Quiet and non-polluting

Blissfully serene riding, especially good for taking in the scenery and enjoying your journey. There is also little to no vibration, especially on a converted Lambretta.

9. Cheaper

In the long run, charging is cheaper than filling up with petrol and oil. There is also the benefit of lower maintenance fees. The battery will last 4/5 years after the initial cost of buying it. Consider it as paying for your fuel in advance. Compared to car conversions, our scooter conversion kit at £3495 is an affordable EV solution, especially when compared to converting a car, which can cost up to £50,000.

10. Simple easier refuelling/charging

Charging batteries can been done using a household socket. Batteries are removable or you can charge on board. Our chargers can be carried on board too so charging can be done anywhere from your place of work, the local coffee shop or at home.

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