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Moto- Vespa S 1962

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Spanish Vespa 1962 with a PX200 engine, 12v electrics and oil injection. We restored this scoooter 12 years ago for Blur guiterist Graham Coxon .

Moto-Vespa S 1962 similier to Italian VBB except it came standard with 10" wheels as oposed to 8"

Origianlly imported from Spain we fully restored this scooter back in 2011 for Mr Graham Coxon guiterist from Blur.

Graham had one of our fully loaded "Retro-Specials " as they were known back then , an updated Vespa PX engine in a classic Vespa chassis.

Which included the upgrades of 12v electronic ignition and oil injection along with a PX 200 engine.

Becasue this version of the Moto-Vespa S model was already a 10" wheel scooter as factory standard there was no need for the fork conversion.

The scooter has been dry stored and kept well ,recording only 800 mile.

I would advise a mechanical re-vamp of the engine oil-seals to change them to ethonal proof help combat the new E5 and E10 fuel .

Otherwise a lovely classic scooter with all mod cons.

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We like to give our customers flexibility when buying a vintage scooter, as soon as we get bikes in we give them a full check over then put them up for sale in their current condition. This allows customers to buy them as they are if they wish (and perform any restoration or maintenance work themselves) or work with us to create their dream bike.  Below are our typical restoration service levels and work that you can expect to get.

sold as is

These bikes are in the original condition we got them in. The scooter might be an old barn find or a previously restored bike in great condition and ready to roll (or anything in between).

level 1 restoration

This focuses on a mechanical overhaul on the scooter and perhaps some essential cosmetic work. We will do what is required to get it  up and running reliably and to pass an MOT.  It will be a great runner and something to invest time in if you wish.

complete restoration

This is what we are famous for.  A full scooter restoration involves bare metal strip down, repair and respray, a total mechanical over haul of the engine, carb, gearbox and forks as well as all new trim. Like a brand new scooter and to your specification

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