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Fuji Rabbit 150 Tourer 1966

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Fuji Rabbit 150 Tourer 1966

Fuji Rabbit was a Japanese scooter , just like Vespa and Lambretta  , they evolved out of necessity after the end of the second world war whenever people needed a cheap easy form of transport.

The Rabbit came out 6 months before Vespa in 1945 , they ran until 1968 when they seen the change in the market was moving towards cars and they eventually stopped production of the scooter and became the Subaru car manufacturer .

As with most things Japanese the Rabbit is an over engineered well built machine and way ahead of it's time , this scooter has electric start ,indicators and tubless wheels .

The 150 tourer here was the mid range model , two stroke with 4 gears 60 mph touring model .

Mechanically this is a deluxe, far superior machine over any Vespa or Lambretta model , the quality is in the overall design ,build and materials used in the construction.

This scooter is a private import to this country they were never sold in Europe , only Japan, USA and Australia, they were slightly more expensive becasue of the build quality so could never compete with transportion to Europe and tarriffs as well as the many other scooters available in Europe at the time.

This particular scooter is in original paint mostly except for a paint and repair to the floor area . It has had a set of new cables , tryes and front and rear suspension as well as a full service , everything worksas it should except the speedo which unfortuatly has a broken needle.

Uk registered and running perfectly it is all ready to go .

Scooter In Detail

Take a look through these detailed pictures of the bike and for more information please contact us.


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Rabbit 150 Tourer

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Our pricing

We like to give our customers flexibility when buying a vintage scooter, as soon as we get bikes in we give them a full check over then put them up for sale in their current condition. This allows customers to buy them as they are if they wish (and perform any restoration or maintenance work themselves) or work with us to create their dream bike.  Below are our typical restoration service levels and work that you can expect to get.

sold as is

These bikes are in the original condition we got them in. The scooter might be an old barn find or a previously restored bike in great condition and ready to roll (or anything in between).

level 1 restoration

This focuses on a mechanical overhaul on the scooter and perhaps some essential cosmetic work. We will do what is required to get it  up and running reliably and to pass an MOT.  It will be a great runner and something to invest time in if you wish.

complete restoration

This is what we are famous for.  A full scooter restoration involves bare metal strip down, repair and respray, a total mechanical over haul of the engine, carb, gearbox and forks as well as all new trim. Like a brand new scooter and to your specification

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