Electric conversion kits

U series


U series


The naked design , light and easy to park anywhere even inside your home ! The U-series offers a smaller scooter with the all power and range of the larger N and M+.


Battery sold seperately
Finance also available

how it works

a full conversion

We painstakingly designed and built this unique kit from scratch, choosing only suppliers that met the quality and reliability we demand.

Simple & intuitive

Compatible models

All classic scooters can be fitted with our electric motor technology If you have a suitable scooter you would like converting by us or are unclear on this is suitable for your bike, please get in touch. The models below represent our most popular conversions.

frame type 1

Small frame

Small frame scooters such as the Vespa Primavera (seen in our photographs) make ideal electric bike conversions. They are light and nimble , one battery with a 1kw motor for better range is the perfect set up here.

frame type 2

Large frame

Once converted these larger frame these models can hold a larger battery capacity and can be converted with our 1kw or 3kw kit.

frame type 3

Wide frame

Like the large frame Vespas, wide frame variants can be converted with our 1kw or 3kw kit.

frame type 4


Li series 1 to series 3 "and GP models" can be converted with our 1kw or 3kw kits. These can be fitted with a large array of batteries giving converted bikes a long range.

Simple installation

Our Project:E kits were specifically designed to be quickly and easily installed at home with only a basic toolset. No welding or grinding necessary!


Top Speed
Removable battery
Delivery date
Charge time 70%
Charge time 100%
Battery capacity
30 miles
28 mph
1 week
1.5 hrs
6 hrs

why buy an electric bike?

With new laws prohibiting old inefficient, polluting engines from city streets about to come into effect, now is the perfect time to discover the benefits of electric scooters. No more worrying about driving your scooter into London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) which comes into effect in 8th April 2019.
Extension to the North and South Circular roads DUE OCT 25th 2021.


As there is no petrol engine in this vintage electric scooter, there are zero emissions which will make road tax completely free, along with helping you to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Easy to ride

Unlike classic scooter engines there is no choke, 2 stroke oil or even petrol station stops with an electric bike. The speed, handling and manoeuvrability are also vastly improved.

Simple charging

Depending on the model, batteries can either be removed for charging in doors or directly via a charging cable.

low maintenance

With no moving engine parts, there is very little to go wrong in an electric motorcycle – making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills a thing of the past.

Battery packs

Our battery packs are made with industry leading Panasonic 18650 lithium ion battery cells encased in a custom made casing. Each pack is removable for charging indoors and added security.

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All Retrospective Classic and Project:E equipment come with a full 12 month warranty, covering all parts and labour.


Low rate finance options are available from our finance partner Pegasus Personal Finance. Visit their site to get a custom quote.

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