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Large Frame Vespa 4kW Conversion Kit

£ 4,390.00 GBP

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Large Frame Vespa 4kW Conversion Kit

Once converted, large frame Vespas have the power roughly equivalent to a modern 125cc engine. These models can hold one or two batteries. Fits all L-Frames 1958 - 2018 including the PX range .

£ 4,390.00 GBP

In conjunction with industry leading engineers, we have developed cutting edge technology that allows a wide range of classic Vespa scooters to be run purely on electric power. The exterior styling remains totally original whilst ease of riding, reliability, economy and environmental footprint are all brought into the 21st Century.

Our electric scooter conversion kit includes a DC brushless electric motor, sinusoidal motor controller, custom made swing arm, battery tray and a single removable LG lithium-ion battery, along with a keyless ignition, battery gauge, all cables, LED headlight conversion and a battery charger.

For extended range a second battery can be added at checkout or purchased separately at a later date.

We offer this as a conversion to customers who already have a classic scooter or as an engine option to customers who are looking to carry out a scooter restoration with us.

During the build process we strip out the old petrol engine, and install our kit as a direct replacement. The Vespa large frame kit comes in two variations depending on the intended model to be converted.

You can also order this online and we will ship it worldwide with full installation instructions that you or a local garage can follow.

Vespa large-frames can carry a choice of three battery sizes
- Large 72v 35 ah battery  40 mile range £1395
- Medium 72v 29 ah battery 30-35 mile range £1195
- Small 64v 26 ah battery 25-30 mile range £995

A second battery can be added under the left side panel for double the range which must be of equal specification, as it will run simultaneously.

Depending if the left side panel is either the classic "glovebox" version, the second battery will be a non removable small or large version. those Vespa's with the spare wheel under the left side panel will have the choice of all three batteries but this incurs the frame modification of the spare wheel bracket removed.

This range is based on real world usage, not hypothetical industry predictions. When using two batteries, both are used in parallel insuring even power usage. Whether using one or two batteries, all batteries can either be charged onboard or removed for charging indoors, except if you have a left side panel battery with toolbox panel.

You can watch lots of practical information and installation guides too (if you are thinking about this as a DIY project) on our YouTube channel.

For more information please get in touch

All Project: E electric scooters are London ULEZ and Congestion Charge exempt as well as currently qualifying for free road tax in the UK.

£ 4,390.00 GBP

Finance also available

GRoundbreaking electric scooter design

a full conversion

We painstakingly designed and built this unique kit from scratch, choosing only suppliers that met the quality and reliability we demand.

Simple installation

Our Project:E kits were specifically designed to be quickly and easily installed at home with only a basic toolset. A simple instruction manual is supplied and no welding or grinding is necessary. We also offer an installation service at our London Workshop for £500 or we can ship the kit to almost anywhere in the world for DIY installation (or with help from a local garage).

Great to ride

project:E accessiories

64v 26 ah Battery

£ 995.00 GBP

Universal battery for all Vespa models and Lambretta small frame models.

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Large 72v 35 ah battery

£ 1,395.00 GBP

fits all large frame Vespa under either side panel

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Project:E 64v Charger

£ 180.00 GBP

Charger for 64v batteries.

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Project:E 72v Battery

£ 1,195.00 GBP

Battery for all large-frame Lambretta models.

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Project:E 72v Battery Charger

£ 180.00 GBP

Charger for 72v batteries.

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Project:E Vespa Side Panel Battery Tray

£ 100.00 GBP

A battery side panel tray for all Vespa large-frame models.

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Top speed
Removable battery
Delivery date
Charge time 70%
Charge time 100%
Battery capacity
Wheel size
30 -84 mile
4 kW
6 weeks
90 mins
3.5 hrs
64v 28 AH or 72v 35 ah X 2


All Retrospective Classic scooters and Project:E equipment comes with a full 12 month warranty, covering all parts and labour. New scooters all come with full manufacturer warranties which vary from 12-24 months for the scooters and up to 3 years for the batteries.


Low rate finance options are available on a wide range of our bikes.

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