Royal Alloy

A classic scooter game changer.

Royal Alloy Scooters

Classic design, modern engineering

A modern classic for all riders, we now proudly sell the range of Royal Alloy scooters, offering a low emissions 'Euro 4 certified' alternative to our vintage scooters, compliant with London's new ULEZ emissions rules.

After testing a number of new and emerging modern scooter brands we believe the Royal Alloy range offers something unique.


Since we started our scooter business in 2000, we have seen a lot of motor manufactures returning to the classic designs of the 1950/60's indicating there is a market for these revived classic designs with modern upgrades. Royal Alloy has captured this 1960's iconic Lambretta shape and styling perfectly.

They all offer electric start, four stroke economic engine, superb handling on 12 inch wheels and robust suspension, disc brakes front and rear and overall a most comfortable reliable ride. There is a digital display and a rear luggage rack. All models come with a comprehensive two year warranty.

The Range

Custom Paint

£ 3,249.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

Custom painted dealer specials inspired by the likes of Arthur Francis and Eddy Grimstead.

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GP 125 AC

£ 2,999.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

The strength of a Royal Alloy metal body scooter with the efficiency of an air cooled 125cc engine offers great value. A king queen seat and practical rear luggage rack mean you can have it all.

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GP 125 LC

£ 3,999.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

Great fuel economy combined once again with a Royal Alloy metal body and a liquid cooled 125cc engine make this a great scooter around town. The looks are like no other modern scooter.

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GP200 Lc

£ 3,999.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

Metal bodywork, liquid cooled 200cc engine, ABS brakes and stunning design this is the only Royal Alloy now available with that headlight styles like the iconic LI Special/SX model

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GP300 LC

£ 4,799.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

Metal bodywork, liquid cooled 278cc engine, ABS brakes and stunning design queues from the past combined with modern motoring technology. This is the top of the range Royal Alloy.

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GT 125i AC

£ 2,799.00 GBP
Free shipping within M25 for limited time

Best value in the Royal Alloy range, the GT 125i AC is an air cooled modern scooter/moped) with a light plastic body bring it in at just 130kg. A great little mover in town. Commute in style!

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