Royal Alloy

A classic scooter game changer.

Royal Alloy Scooters

Classic design, modern engineering

A modern classic for all scooterists, we now proudly sell the new range of Royal Alloy scooters as a great new alternative to our range of vintage scooters. These offer a real low emissions alternative to the vintage scooter as the range is Euro 4 certified and therefore beats the new ULEZ emissions rules.

Although we still believe that real vintage is best and nothing will ever truly replace the original Vespa and Lambretta scooters, modern day lifestyles, production methods, emissions regulations and technology ultimately mean that our customer needs have been changing in the past couple of years. After testing a number of the newer and emerging modern scooter brands (and coming across a few turkeys on the way) we believe that the new Royal Alloy range offers something special for modern and traditional scooterists alike.


Since we started our scooter business in 2000, we have seen a lot of motor manufactures returning to the classic designs of the 1950/60's indicating there is a market for these revised classic designs with modern upgrades. Royal Alloy has captured this 1960's iconic Lambretta shape and styling perfectly in their range of stunningly designed modern scooters.

The Royal Alloy scooter offers that style and classic look along with an electric start, four stroke economic engine, superb handling on 12 inch wheels and robust suspension, disc brakes front and rear and overall a most comfortable reliable ride. There is also a digital display giving you all the information you need. The rear luggage rack is a copy of the vintage Lambretta "sprint" rack, a useful anchor point for bags also a toolbox in front of your knees for smaller objects. All models come with a comprehensive two year warranty.

These scooters are a little larger than the original Lambrettas  and benefit from a more solid feel on the road. Some people still refere to scooters like these as mopeds, however, to us they always are and always will be scooters.

Overall the Royal Allow has come along at the right time, with a scooter that more than satisfies the latest emission laws (Euro 4 compliant) that now dictate the vehicles we are to buy in the future. At least now, with Royal Alloy, we have a scooter which more than just another scooter.

The Royal Alloy Range

GP 200 LC


200cc bike

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GP 125 LC


Another of Royal Alloy's liquid cooled engines, this time with a smaller 125cc engine

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GP 125 AC



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GT 200 LC


Royal Alloy GT 200 LC is a real monster with its higher capacity 200cc liquid cooled 4 valve DOHC engine.

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GT 125 AC


Representing the best value in the Royal Alloy scooter range is this, the GT 125i AC model.

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