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Modern vespas


Our selection of brand new imported modern Vespas allow you to enjoy the traditional Italian styling of a Vespa & some unique to the UK features, all at a reduced price. These scooters are manufactured at Vespa factories around the world for other international markets and brought over here by specialist importers.

We ensure they arrive in top condition and are fully UK road legal. Each imported Vespa includes a 12 month warranty supplied by the AA and it includes roadside recovery.

There is a full range of spare parts and upgrades available too. Owning a piece of real Italian history has never been simpler.

why buy an import?

The primary benefit of these imported scooters is the price. There are substantial savings to be made plus you get slightly different configurations or features from the standard European version of the scooter. So, you are saving cash and being that little bit different too!

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