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Modern Lambrettas

Our selection of brand new modern Lambrettas allow you to enjoy the traditional Italian styling of a Lambretta.

The V-Special marks the 70th anniversary of Lambretta, already nicknamed Vendetta by enthusiasts. The V-Special range of the Milanese icon has been developed to anticipate on the higher demands of scooterists and regulators. The design, created by world renowned KISKA (KTM and Husqvarna) in collaboration with the Italian Lambretta community is a synthesis of classic design elements with modern interpretation. The masculine machine is issued with the vibrant type names V50, V125 and V200.

The Range

Lambretta V125 Special

£ 3,199.00 GBP

This beautiful new Lambretta incorporates modern engineering with the classic Italian design Lambretta is so well known for and with its 125cc engine gives you great performance.

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Lambretta V50 Special

£ 2,899.00 GBP

This 50cc Lambretta is a great city moped, perfect for commuting short distances. It's also legal to ride without the need for a test for riders with certain car driving licences.

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Lambretta V200 Special

£ 3,599.00 GBP

The 200cc Special is the top model in our Lambretta line up, with superb power, handling and performance.

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OUr Lambretta Accessories

We stock a wide range of Lambretta accessories that can be fitted to most of the bikes. If you are interested in purchasing any of these please stop by our showroom or give us a call or email.

Sorry, we don't currently stock any accessories for this brand.

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